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Academic Workshop:
Our success formula is 1 + 1 system of academics i.e., every teaching period is followed by working period. During working period, the child will apply the learned concepts to solve level-1 to level-5 questions or problems. The difficult problems will be solved with the help of associates. In this way, the cycle of learning gets completed within the class itself.
Such cycle is not completed in other systems. They are left with incomplete circle, hence are subjected to stress and failure.
As we are able to follow 1 + 1 System, the child is confident and is scoring at his best.

CDF (Concepts, Definitions and Formulae) program:
On every Saturday, a half an hour test on Concepts, Definitions and Formulae (CDF) in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry is conducted as part of CDF program. This program ensures mastery of fundamentals, which ensures a better participation of students in the teaching hours, which in turn, paves the path for their success in competitive exams.

Activity based learning:

In the international educational circles, activity based learning is gearing up. Activity based learning is nothing but education through entertainment. As an initiative in this direction, Olympiad programme is also equipped with various activities conducted every week in MPC to fine tune the concepts. Those activities are:
Quiz, Group discussion, Mind mapping, Quiz on applying thought, Data sufficiency, Quiz on mental ability, Quiz on logical ability and Folding and Unfolding of concepts. These activities ensure development of conceptual skills and personal competencies.

Weekly assessment:
A common test for all the students from different branches will be conducted on every Monday. A student is given both local rank (rank in his individual branch) and a state rank. This assessment gives an opportunity for the child to understand his position and thereby increases the scope for further improvement.

Errors' list:
An errors list (gives a list of errors made by the student in the test) is given to every student and a period is allotted for the practice of errors made. Questions of different levels are framed on the model of errors made by the students for their practice.

Scientific analysis:
The students performance in the weekly test is microscopically analysed. Subject wise and test to test comparison is done to counsel and to motivate the students individually. The counselling team includes Principal, Main Teachers, Academic Vice-Principal and the respective subject associate faculties.

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